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Man to Man - Exploring the role of men in the prevention of DV


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What is the MATE Program?

MATE is an education and intervention program teaching us all to be leaders in the prevention of violence and problematic behaviour.

The bystander approach focuses not on the perpetrator or victim of violence rather, what we can all do to prevent violence in our homes, workplaces, schools and communities.

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MATE is designed of best practice and has been developed over two decades of delivering training to diverse and varied populations.

MATE focuses on the prevention of violence against women, and additionally (depending on your specific needs), applies a bystander approach to the prevention of racism & discrimination, bullying & harassment, and creating positive workplaces – allowing us to contribute to communities free from all forms of violence.

Ultimately, the aim of the program is the raise awareness of the level of abusive behaviour in our culture as well as the subtler issues that support a harmful and abusive environment. Upon doing do, MATE highlights our capacity to step forward in difficult circumstances and recognise that the change starts with us.

MATE challenges attitudes and beliefs and motivates us to take action.

Lily Tomlin

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1800RESPECT is open 24 hours to support people impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence and abuse.

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