May 30, 2022

‘Be there’ – a world first Domestic Violence app, supporting the bystander

Do you want to know what to say or how to ‘be there’ for a loved one, a friend or even a stranger who is in an unhealthy, toxic or abusive relationship?

Be there is a free app that gives you direct access to tools that empower, educate and support you to help someone who is experiencing domestic or family violence.

Through this app, you will always have the tools on hand to help you recognise abuse and offer support to someone who may be experiencing or using coercive control.

Be there gives you access to tools that can understand any abusive behaviour you may see, hear or experience and help you navigate a safe way to support someone without making the situation worse or putting either of you in danger.

If we are to eliminate violence in our community, it’s up to all of us to act. With Be there, you can find out ways you can help, learn more about coercive control, understand what you can say (safely and respectfully) to the person who is using or experiencing the behaviour, journal your thoughts and set reminders. Importantly, the app encourages you to practice self-care, because we know that supporting someone through domestic violence is hard. We are here to help you help the person you care about.

Head over the the ‘Be there’ website to download to the app now  from the app store or Google play store. Don’t forget to follow us socials (Facebook and Instagram) for more tips and support.

Continue to #besomeonewhodoessomething by downloading the below posters for your workplace, school, or community centre to help spread the word!


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