MATE Train the Trainer

Would you like to be an accredited MATE Trainer? Spend four days immersed in the MATE content, and become qualified to run MATE workshops within your own organisation or community.
The next Train the Trainer workshop is:
Location: Logan Griffith University Campus
Date: 18th to 21st September 2023
Cost: $2000 per person
Contact: to register.


Why MATE Train the Trainer workshops work. 

It benefits the workplace and community; MATE training mobilises people to become effective bystanders by recognising and respectfully challenging problematic behaviour. The people within your organisation will understand the behaviours that contribute to violence and will be empowered with knowledge that will allow them to personally contribute to equal, inclusive and respectful environments. Not unlike First Aid Training, or Fire Safety Training, MATE equips your people with the tools and the confidence to confront challenging situations. The outcome of which is safety, inclusion and equity.

It makes good business sense:

This is 4 days of Professional Development for your staff. MATE training can offer support in relation to recommendations set out by the Australian Human Rights Commission and peak bodies such as Our Watch. MATE training supports legislation and recommendations from the Respect@Work Report, Work Health and Safety Regulations, the QLD Women’s Strategy and the QLD Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Strategy 2016 – 2026.  This is your opportunity to contribute meaningfully and sustainably to your workplace and community.

Once accredited, MATE Trainers will be skilled to deliver MATE Cultural Change and Creating Respectful Workplace Workshops.


  • Successful completion of the program results in formal accreditation from Griffith University via a micro credential and associated badge for participants resume and email signature.
  • Ongoing support from the MATE team through a voluntary monthly communities of practice forum whereby MATE host monthly webinars addressing any enquiries, concerns or experiences of members in the field. This is a great opportunity to roundtable any resistance facilitators are receiving and provide tangible actions and responses to continue positive discussions in the workplace or community. These forums also include access to guest speakers who share valuable experiences and knowledge
  • Long-term, sustainable, and cost-effective approach to implementing change and promoting healthy behaviour and gender equality in the workplace and the community.
  • Become a MATE accredited trainer to allow you to work together to tailor the program to your organisational and community needs.
  • Accredited trainers will be provided all MATE training material including the training manual, slides and resources to deliver these 2 workshops for a period of 12 months. MATE Accredited Trainers will also be trained to tailor workshops to deliver shorter sessions or “MATE Bites” at staff meetings. The Trainers will be adept at using the materials provided to develop their own packages to compliment organisational requirements.