MATE Train the Trainer (for Individuals)

  • 3 days
  • Up to 1
  • Pricing: $1,500 + GST per person

The MATE team will periodically arrange Train the Trainer programs open to individuals to attend.

This will bring together people from different organisations, from different industries and locations across the country (and the world) to explore the MATE curriculum and become accredited MATE trainers. This allows participants to network with others, while learning about how other organisations are addressing violence prevention in their workplace.

Individual trainers will then be certified to facilitate Cultural Change Workshops within their own organisation for a period of 12 months. We do recommend that two staff from the same organisation gain accreditation in order to co-facilitate together.

MATE will support accredited trainers to ensure they are confident and capable to facilitate workshops and achieve positive outcomes.

One day refreshers are required annually to maintain accreditation ($200 per person).

Training Benefits

  • Ideal for smaller organisations
  • Participants get the opportunity to learn about what others are doing to promote healthy behaviour and gender equality in their organisations
  • Ongoing support from the MATE team