MATE e-Learning Training Package


The MATE e-Learning package has been awarded with two LearnX Awards!

Best Integrated Training Project (VR + Online)

Best Future Learning Model 

The LearnX Live! Awards are an international awards program that recognises multiple fields within learning, development and talent management across the corporate, education and public-service sectors worldwide. Each year the Awards uncover incredible projects and solutions that deliver best practice and business value.

Time and again we have been asked whether our training is available online. We are pleased to announce that we are now offering an online program derived from our in-person programs.

This package captures all of the passion, motivation and inspiration you experience from our original training programs. The self-paced e-learning modules can be used to enhance our other training options or employed when face-to-face training may not be an option.

In developing this online training, our goal was to make sure that the MATE program was accessible to more people than ever, while still maintaining the core essence of the program: to empower bystanders to be someone who does something. To engage every person—regardless of their position, title or level of authority—in a conversation about personal leadership, positive change and violence prevention.

We each have a role to play in the prevention of violence against women, and the promotion of healthy, safe and equal relationships. This e-learning program is designed to motivate and empower your people to be the change in the prevention of violence against women and the promotion of gender equality in their homes, schools, workplaces and communities.

Each module is positive and empowering, inclusive and informative. Importantly, they take the user on a journey through the prevention of violence against women by looking at the main driver—gender inequality. Focusing on primary prevention means that the program addresses the broad and prevalent issue of disrespect for women in our culture, thereby allowing the user to recognise the ways they can contribute to the solution to gender-based violence.

The modules include:

Module 1 – Introduction: Discover your personal leadership
Module 2- The bystander approach to prevention
Module 3 – The link between gender-based violence and gender inequality
Module 4 – What does gender inequality and gender-based violence have to do with me?
Module 5 – Sex and Respect: Its on all of us
Module 6 – Conclusion: Be the Change

Each module includes one or more activities that require the user to engage with the content. Activities are varied. Some require self-reflection, while others test knowledge on particular issues.

The package also includes the use of virtual reality. Five different real-life scenarios were filmed using a 360 degree camera, immersing the user (the bystander) in the scenario. This allows the user to determine how they would intervene as a bystander, in a challenging situation, while also seeing the outcome of that intervention.

The package is thought-provoking and motivational – empowering everyone to #besomeonewhodoessomething.

For further information, contact us – we’d love to discuss the package with you.