MATE Lunchbox Webinars

  • 1 hour
  • Up to 1000
  • Pricing: $2,000 + GST

COVID-19 restrictions have changed the way we work and we have evolved to suit. We recognise that sometimes webinars are the most accessible way to deliver information when face-to-face workshops are not possible, and that time efficiency is key.

Therefore, we have developed a series of one-hour webinars to build the capacity of your people to be effective leaders and proactive bystanders.

Our webinars and their content are listed below. We have also included a download-able flyer to assist with discussion and promotion within your workplace.

Building Your Personal Leadership

In this webinar we will:

    • Discover your personal leadership
    • Understand your sphere of influence
    • Explore the fundamentals of courageous leadership and values-based leadership
    • Discuss the questions that reflect a fixed mindset or a growth mindset
    • Learn how to respectfully challenge attitudes that maintain status-quo and support problematic behaviour to occur

The Bystander Approach to Preventing Violence

In this webinar we will:

    • Explore the role of the bystander and what impact they can have
    • Understand the psychological and social barriers to becoming an effective bystander, and how to navigate around those barriers
    • Discover the MATE Bystander Intervention Framework
    • Apply the framework to real world scenarios

What is Domestic Violence? – Recognising & Responding

In this webinar we will:

    • Explore what Domestic Violence is and what it isn’t
    • Discuss what you might see, hear or sense from someone who may be using or experiencing DV
    • Learn how you can respond effectively and respectfully, in a way that feels safe and appropriate for you

What Lies Beneath Gender Based Violence?

In this webinar we will:

    • Explore the cultural attitudes and behaviours that support violence
    • Learn how to proactively contribute to the prevention of violence against women
    • Understand the bystanders role in the primary prevention approach to the elimination of violence against women

Promoting Gender Equality in the Workplace and Beyond

In this webinar we will:

    • Explore gender and gender discrimination
    • Discover the facts about gender equality and where we’re currently at
    • Explore examples of what the workplace can do to achieve gender equality
    • Discover what you can do, as an effective bystander
    • Explore practical scripts and tips for bystanders

Racism Prevention: Becoming Anti-Racist 

In this webinar we will:

    • Discover what it means to be anti-racist
    • Explore how to increase your capacity to be anti-racist
    • Explore the cultural attitudes that contribute to racism
    • Understand what you can say to challenge racism as an effective bystander
    • Discuss the questions that reflect an anti-racism fixed mindset or a growth mindset

Promoting Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace and Beyond

In this webinar we will:

    • Interpret diversity and inclusion – beyond the buzzwords
    • Understand the current state of diversity in Australian workplaces
    • Explore some practical steps that the workplace can take to increase diversity and inclusion
    • Explore what you can do as an effective bystander – including tips and scripts

LGBTIQ+ Inclusion & Cultural Change

In this webinar we will:

    • Discuss gender and sexual diversity, including terminology
    • Examine how social attitudes are impacts gender and sexually diverse people
    • Explore how violence impacts the LGBTIQ+ community
    • Discover what the workplace can do to promote LGBTIQ+ inclusion
    • Explore what you can do, as an effective bystander – including practical tips and scripts

Respectfully Challenging Problematic Behaviour

In this webinar we will:

    • Reflect on how we’re doing with holding people accountable and why bystanders are the change we need
    • Learn practical tips and scripts to challenge controlling/abusive behaviour, racism and sexism
    • Understand backlash and how to respond to it as an effective bystander
    • Understand how values-based leadership assists in challenging problematic behaviour

Each of the above topics can be covered in a one-hour webinar. Content can be adapted to your organisational context and we are able to answer specific questions (relating to the topic) that are submitted from your organisation before the webinar and/or throughout the webinar.

In addition to the above the MATE team has the ability to develop and deliver unique and tailored webinars for your organisation. The price of these webinars will depend on length and the content to be covered.

Examples of webinars we can tailor to your specific needs are:

Crisis Response – Has something occurred within your organisation that is impacting or has the potential to impact your workplace culture? MATE can facilitate conversations tailored specifically to address this issue in a safe, respectful environment. We will explore people’s personal perceptions and responses while gaining a greater understanding of the next logical steps to ensuring positive workplace culture and employee wellbeing is upheld. The conversation will convey your organisation’s desire to address the issue/event with accountability and integrity, and engage your people in the way forward.

The Post-COVID19 Workplace – What does your post-COVID19 workplace look like? Through a facilitated discussion, we can explore what your people want to keep and do-away with based on the learnings of 2020. Ultimately, we will look at how you can embrace what you have learned to achieve greater equity, inclusion and diversity in your workplace and beyond.


To find a webinar that’s right for you, contact us! #besomeonewhodoessomething

Training Benefits

  • Upskill your workforce in their lunch break
  • Ensure your workforce have ongoing and affordable professional development
  • Engage your workforce in conversations that will challenge their thinking
  • Encourage your workforce to consider how they influence the culture around them
  • Empower your workforce to #besomeonewhodoessomething