MATE Lunchbox Webinars


Not sure what to do or say in the moment but feel something’s not quite right? What do you do when you see sexual harassment, hear racism, feel in your gut, someone is being bullied or something is just not quite right…

At MATE we provide a 90-minute lunchbox webinar: The Bystander Approach.

This webinar helps empower individuals to know how to be an active Bystander and support someone experiencing abuse while holding those using that behaviour respectfully accountable.

The Bystander Approach:

In our 90 minute lunchbox webinars, we discuss:
Personal leadership, who is a bystander, barriers for bystanders, the
bystander framework, role modelling accountability, how to show
support, how to respectfully hold others accountable, and
incorporates scenarios relevant to your workplace as guided by you.

In addition to The Bystander Approach webinar we offer a range
of additional content. We regularly develop bespoke webinar
series tailored to organisations needs and liaise with clients prior
to incorporate specific policies, language, and tailor scenarios
specific to workplaces.