MATE Cultural Change Workshops

  • 4 hours - 2 days
  • Up to 40
  • Pricing: From $4,000 + GST

Cultural change workshops begin with a discussion around leadership and how we must all define ourselves as leaders with the ability to affect positive change. We then make the link between personal leadership and positive bystander action.

Following these exercises, participants are introduced to MATE’s bystander intervention framework, and provided with a suite of options that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, can draw from to interrupt harmful and abusive behaviour. This is reinforced by providing a solid understanding of what it means to be a proactive bystander and the positive impact this has on society. Facilitators create a safe, comfortable space for open discussion to be held while educating participants on sensitive topics that we rarely get the opportunity to discuss in a group setting.

MATE utilises scenario-based activities to ensure participants recognise problematic behaviour in varying contexts and are able to practically apply the bystander approach and framework, to real-life examples. This allows participants to explore and discuss their personal approach as a bystander compared to that of others. MATE facilitators ensure that through these activities, the barriers and cultural context is discussed to empower participants to find a bystander option that feels safe and appropriate to them in every circumstance.

MATE Cultural Change Workshops clearly explain the issue and how we can all work to eliminate the issue in our society. Importantly, participants are provided with the tools to promote positive and equal environments and contribute to the long-term cultural change we need to ensure we prevent violence, abuse and discrimination for generations to come.

Cultural Change workshop can focus on:

  • Gender Based Violence prevention (including sexual harassment and domestic violence)
  • Racism and Discrimination – How to be anti-racist

Training Benefits

  • Benefit from passionate and knowledgable MATE accredited trainers with years of experience in facilitating training that challenges attitudes, beliefs and behaviour.
  • Discover your personal leadership and how to promote gender equality.
  • Learn the bystander intervention framework, giving you hundreds of options as a bystander in any situation.
  • Learn what drives violence against women and what you can do to prevent it in your every day life.