Allison’s Gift by The MATE Bystander Program

  • 4 hours
  • Up to 30
  • Pricing: $4,000 + GST

Created in conjunction with the Allison Baden-Clay Foundation. Allison’s Gift is a coercive control education program, focused on the bystander in the prevention of domestic violence and abuse.

Allison’s Gift by the MATE Bystander Program is as an education and intervention program allowing us to understand the ways in which domestic violence and coercive control impacted the life of Allison Baden-Clay. The signs of which, went unnoticed, not because the people in her life didn’t care, but because they didn’t have the knowledge to recognise the signs. Nor did they have the skills to intervene respectfully, safely and appropriately.

Through this story, Allison’s Gift aims to educate every individual in the dynamic of coercive control and how this manifests in many ways to create abuse. It allows us to recognise the signs that someone we know may be using or experiencing abuse in their relationship, and what we can say or do to provide support. Allison’s Gift empowers people through bystander education to live within and promote healthy, equal relationships free from violence.

Does your organisation have a domestic violence policy?  Do you want to equip your people with the skills to support the policy and create a workplace that is safe and respectful for their employees, their families and their communities? Allison’s Gift will help your organisation to do this, while sending a clear message that the prevention of domestic violence/abuse is preventable through positive bystander action. 

Training Benefits

  • Discuss challenges present for bystanders in domestic violence situations and learn how to be an active bystander despite these challenges.
  • Understand the tactics of coercive control by hearing about Allison's experience.
  • What are the signs of a healthy relationship, and how can effective bystanders positively reinforce these
  • Learn how to determine the difference between an unhealthy and an abusive relationship.