April 30, 2020

Webinar One: Supporting Employees Experiencing Violence Through COVID-19

We are experiencing unprecedented events – and the current circumstances can pose increased risks to the safety and wellbeing of the people within your organisation. Do you need some advice on how to offer the appropriate support?

There is no handbook to guide us through what we are currently going through. What we can do however, is apply specialist domestic violence knowledge and the bystander approach to ensure the people in our workplaces, who may be experiencing or using violence, are supported.

We have been asked to provide advice to a number of businesses, genuinely concerned about how best to support their workforce during this time, particularly those for whom the current restrictions increase risks to their safety or the safety of those around them. What we have done to date is only just scratching the surface – so we decided to run a free one hour webinar to offer some advice to organisations who have concerns about the safety and wellbeing of their people.

This is a dynamic situation and while it is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we believe we can provide advice on some of the ways you can address the situation within your own context with empathy and compassion.

In this webinar, we discussed how the current restrictions may be impacting those working from home, those who are considered essential and can’t work from home, and those who no longer have job security.

Over 200 people from all levels and all types of organisations across Australia registered for this event – showing a significant level of personal investment in supporting their people.

Below are the resources we promised we would provide – we hope they are helpful.

Watch the recording here

Resource – Posters

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