Webinar: Respectfully Challenging Problematic Behaviour

  • 31 August 2021: 12pm - 1pm
  • Virtual
  • Up to 1000
  • Pricing: Free

Multicultural Queensland Month – Queensland’s largest multicultural celebration – is held in August each year.

This year we acknowledge the role that everyone plays in contributing to Queensland’s culture and prosperity through the theme Inclusion in action’.

Queensland is a multicultural success story and the month presents an opportunity to increase awareness of the benefits of diversity, while sharing the innovative ways people and organisations are making Queensland communities strong and cohesive.

Multicultural Queensland Month is an opportunity for everyone across the state to come together to contribute, share, perform, listen, learn and acknowledge that, while we may come from different communities and cultures, we all love living in Queensland.

MATE is facilitating a series of FREE webinars across Multicultural Queensland Month (MQM) in partnership with the Queensland Government, so that we can discuss ways in which we can all contribute to safe and inclusive communities for all people. These webinars are proudly brought to you by the Queensland Government, Commonwealth Bank and Telstra.

The final webinar in the series – Respectfully Challenging Problematic Behaviour will explore how active bystanders can intervene in ways that are safe and non-confrontational.

During this webinar we will:

  • Reflect on whether status-quo is working and why bystanders are the change we need
  • Learn practical tips and scripts to challenge controlling/abusive behaviour, racism and sexism
  • Understand backlash and how to respond to it as an effective bystander
  • Understand how values-based leadership assists in challenging problematic behaviour

Watch the recording of this event here.