MATE Re-Accreditation Training

  • TBA
  • Virtual
  • Pricing: $200 per person

To all our valued MATE Accredited Trainers, we are excited to announce the re-accreditation sessions for 2022. This year we are facilitating 6 professional development workshops.

At a minimum you will be required to attend two sessions for re-accreditation, but you are welcome and encouraged to attend all.

This is available for anyone who has participated in a MATE Train the Trainer three day workshop in 2021 or prior – and the $200 re-accreditation fee is required to remain accredited. Please use Booking Link above and enter $200 fee

If you have participated in a MATE Train the Trainer three day workshop in 2022, you are welcome to attend free of charge (Please use Booking Link above but enter $0 fee).

MS Teams links to the re-accreditation workshops will be emailed to all those who register the day prior to the event.

Workshops will be held across September and October. Reaccreditation workshops are as follows:

  • Q&A with Matt and Sarah Brown from New Zealand’s, She Is Not Your Rehab:      5th September, 2-4pm
  • MATE and Communities of Faith brought to you by City Impact and Deb Candler: 28th September, 5-7pm
  • The Gender Pay Gap with Shaan Ross-Smith Valieria Ignatieva from Work180:       22nd September, 12-1pm
  • MATE in its application in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities:    28th October, 9-10.30am
  • Keeping it Real – How do you maintain hope, humility and professionalism as a MATE trainer and continue to “meet people where they are at” with Hannah Clifford and Dean Cooper:         13th September, 12-1pm
  • Trans people and sport – how do we have this conversation. Panelists TBA:        20th September, 10 – 12pm